Travelling Suitcase

Jackie French Travelling Suitcase

What is the travelling suitcase?

The Travelling Suitcase is designed to be the basis of programming ideas and activities which will engage children with books and encourage the love of reading through an understanding of the creative process of a book.

The suitcase is filled with interesting items used by Jackie French (2014-15 Children’s Laureate) when creating some of her books.

It will be touring the ACT and region from March 2016 to December 2016.

What is in the suitcase?Suitcase

  • Books by Jackie French
  • Illustrator’s tools and/or author’s rough drafts
  • Biography
  • An interview on DVD with  Jackie filmed in her own workspace or studio
  • Display and activity ideas
  • A USB thumb-drive containing digital copies of many resources that may be either printed out for display or student use or projected on to whiteboards

For more information about the contents and rights see the section below, Important Information about the Travelling Suitcase.




“The students were particularly interested to hear about the wombat adventures she has and that her wombat books are based on her own life.” 
Grade 1/2 



What age group is the suitcase suitable for?

Grade 3 and up. (Most of the titles are for older children but the suitcase has been used by some Grade 1 and 2 classes.)

“We focussed on Jackie’s book Fire and  the following day we read and did discussion activities on Flood. We read the books through with lots of discussion about language features such as rhyme, alliteration and the way the pictures had been created by the illustrator (as provided in the back of the book). We also talked about the emotions of the book and many students related their own bushfire and flood experiences.” Grade 1/2 

How long can we borrow the suitcase?

Approximately 3-5 weeks.

How do you participate?

You will be contacted soon after regarding your request.

What is the cost of participation in Book Links Travelling Suitcases?

Free; however each borrower will be required to pay the ongoing freight cost to the next school, or organise for the suitcase to be dropped off.

Schools need to be members of the CBCA ACT Branch to be able to participate.

What do you need to do once you have finished with the case?

  • Add any extra resources to the suitcase
  • Use the checklist to ensure that all of the items are in the suitcase
  • Notify the project officer if any items are damaged or lost
  • Add one of your school stickers to the outside of the suitcase to show where it has travelled.
  • Return the case
  • Return the Feedback Form pdf.

For more information see the section below, Important Information about the Travelling Suitcase.

Who is Books Link?

Book Links (Qld) Inc. is a wholly volunteer organisation committed to enabling children and young people in urban, regional, rural and remote Queensland to engage with authors, illustrators and artists through story in a variety of media and delivery components. Book Links Travelling Suitcases, a project funded by Arts Queensland and Children’s Book Council of Australia (Qld Branch), is designed to provide a range of interesting and quality resources in one suitcase.

Important Information about the Travelling Suitcase:

Project Officer

Justine Power:


The USB thumb-drive contains digital copies of many resources that may be either printed out for display or student use or projected on to whiteboards.

Please use the checklist to ensure all items are in the case.  Report lost or damaged items to the Project Officer,  Jackie French Travelling Suitcase CBCA ACT Branch at


Resources within the suitcase such as Teachers’ Notes may be used or copied for the classroom or public library.   Books, digital video-recordings or other identified items are subject to normal copyright restrictions.

Returning the case

It is the responsibility of the borrower to return all items at the end of the loan period and transport the case either to the next borrower on the schedule or return to:
CBCA ACT Branch c/- 7 Maxworthy Street, Kambah  ACT 2902 at their own cost.


It is an expectation that you provide feedback regarding the number of people exposed to the case, and any additional feedback that you can provide is most welcome.  Feedback forms will be emailed with confirmation of booking or can be found on the ACT Branch Website.

Feedback Form pdf.

An evolving case

We hope the case does not remain static but evolves as it travels around.  You are welcome to add extra resources to the case that you are willing to share.  This could be additional teachers’ notes, photographs of your events, items or copies of items created by children or recordings of students’ work in response to the case.

If you add them to the USB thumb-drive, please create a new folder clearly identified and add a printed note to the case to tell us what you have added.

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